Nintendo Flashback

When going through old stuff, it is amazing what you can come across. I found my original Nintendo. I had wanted to get it out a while back, but wasn’t sure where everything was located. This time I found all parts and played just about every game I have. The plan now is to sell everything but not quite yet. I still have a few more games to play and one or two videos to make of gameplay.  Of course, we had to take some pictures to reinforce our memories.


Tiny Toon Adventures

River City Ransom, Pinball, Tetris, Monopoly, Uninvited


Castle of Dragon

Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr.

Adventure Island II



Where in time is Carmen Sandiego?

Maniac Mansion

Dragon Warrior III

Dragon Warrior IV

Reece Grenades

To all of those wives and girlfriends of gamer guys out there…

Next time your guy is playing one of the first person shooters, grab some mini Reece cups or some treat that is comparable and throw it toward him – not at him but in the general vicinity of where he might be able to catch the item and it has to be in his field of view. See how good his reflexes really are and not just in the game. This could bring some real live effects to his in-game action. Just beware since you might not know how he might react – gauge it on his normal personality to make sure he wouldn’t react angrily.

I just threw my husband two mini Reece cups while he was playing Uncharted 2 and he caught one in mid-air and the other dropped. He joked that it felt like he had grenades thrown at him.

Just a little fun!

Pitfall: The Big Adventure on the Wii

For Christmas 2008, we received Pitfall: The Big Adventure for the Wii. We are game junkies and get a bunch most Christmases ranging in lots of different skill sets. We were excited to check this one out since we had played the original Pitfall on Atari and Intellivision.

Sometimes it takes us a whole year to play all of the games we get since we do have lives outside of gaming. Pitfall was one of those games we didn’t get to until early December 2009. As we were playing it and getting to the point of finding more idols so we could purchase more items from the shamans, we began to search online for a list of the locations of the idols to speed up the process. It wasn’t that we were unable to run around in the game and search for them, but it is just a matter of time and we didn’t want to waste it looking and looking in the game. So, on I looked online. I couldn’t find much of anything in the way of guides for Pitfall: The Big Adventure. I did find a lot of questions and answers but no true guides with people who could actually type full sentences and know how to spell.

I finally found a guide but it was under the name Pitfall: The Lost Expedition. It is one of my favorite sites for game guides: Gamespy powered by IGN. As I was looking at the pictures of the locations of the idols, I saw places and names I recognized. I then started to search for what was going on – two games with similar places, names and pictures? – there must be something odd going on.

After only a few minutes of researching, I found out that Pitfall: The Lost Expedition was released on the GameCube, PS2, Xbox, GameBoy Advance, and PC back in 2004 and has now been discontinued by the manufacturer. After the Wii came out, it was decided to re-release the same Pitfall game but under the new name Pitfall: The Big Adventure on the Wii in 2008. They changed the artwork on the box cover to make it look different but the game is the same other than it has controls that work with the motion of a Wii remote and nunchuk.

I never played the game released in 2004. The re-release has been a fun game that has its frustrating moments due to poor controls at times and a camera that has a mind of its own at the worst times. The graphics (especially) and other parts of the game make a lot more sense now that I know this game, released in 2008, was actually one released in 2004. There is a very cool bonus where you can play the original Pitfall.

So, Pitfall: The Big Adventure is Pitfall: The Lost Expedition. When you are looking for hints or where to find something for Pitfall: Big Adventure just look for Pitfall: The Lost Expedition and you will find tons of help!

Prince of Persia “Combo Specialist” Achievement/Trophy

If you are like many Prince of Persia gamers out there, you have tried tons of different combinations of attack combos in the hopes of finding the right set that will award you that special achievement/trophy; the “Combo Specialist”. The good news is, you do not have to perform all 1,602 possible combos, like the task hint may lead you to believe. You only need to pull off 60 of them. Other guides will tell you 62, 63, or even more, but 60 is the magic number (remember, a combo is actually two or more attacks). I have tested this list at least 10 times with a new user profile each time. There are a few rules to keep in mind when trying to achieve this goal.

  1. A combo cannot kill the enemy. Even the last hit cannot kill your enemy.
  2. A combo cannot be blocked by the enemy. No part of the combo can be blocked for you to succeed.
  3. A combo cannot knock an enemy into a wall or off a ledge. If your combo chain is interrupted by an edge animation, it will not count.
  4. After you successfully complete all 60 combos, you must kill the enemy you are currently fighting before the achievement/trophy is awarded.
A = Acrobatic; G = Gauntlet; M = Magic; S = Sword
  • A,G
  • A,G,A,G
  • A,G,A,M,G
  • A,G,A,M,M
  • A,G,A,M,S
  • A,G,A,S
  • A,M,G
  • A,M,M,G
  • A,M,M,M
  • A,M,M,S
  • A,M,S,G
  • A,M,S,M,G
  • A,M,S,M,M
  • A,M,S,M,S
  • A,M,S,S
  • A,S,S,S
  • G,A
  • G,A,G
  • G,A,M,G
  • G,A,M,M
  • G,A,M,S
  • G,A,S
  • G,G
  • G,M,A
  • G,M,G
  • G,M,M,A
  • G,M,M,G
  • G,M,M,M
  • G,M,M,S
  • G,M,S,A
  • G,M,S,G
  • G,M,S,M,A
  • G,M,S,M,G
  • G,M,S,M,M
  • G,M,S,M,S
  • G,M,S,S
  • G,S
  • M,A
  • M,G
  • M,M,A
  • M,M,G
  • M,M,M
  • M,M,S
  • M,S,A
  • M,S,G
  • M,S,M,A
  • M,S,M,G
  • M,S,M,M
  • M,S,M,S
  • M,S,S
  • S,A
  • S,G
  • S,M
  • S,S,A
  • S,S,G
  • S,S,M
  • S,S,S,A
  • S,S,S,G
  • S,S,S,M
  • S,S,S,S

Want to Know How I Figured It Out?

How do I know that there are 1,602 total combos? How do I know that 60 of them are required for the “Combo Specialist” achievement/trophy? I wrote a software program to figure it out for me!

That’s right. I could not find a definitive list anywhere on the Net. The official game guide does not even list the exact combos necessary to get the award.

You can read about the program that I wrote on If you’re just interested in the code that calculates this award, look near the end of the Contents at the beginning of the article. You can see some very cool screenshots of the application too. Hey, while you’re there, vote me a 5 if you like it!

A Time When Microsoft Sucks

So, after waiting and waiting for the new update of Davis (Bikes) for Burnout Paradise, it was released today. We tried and tried to download it, restarting the Xbox360 I don’t know how many times.. and nothing! We figured the download just wasn’t working for some reason, so we went to the Xbox360 Marketplace and found where to download the new update. When we clicked on it, it told us that since we only have a Silver Membership that we have to wait to download it. What is that crap about?! We paid for the Xbox360, we paid for the Burnout Paradise game, and Criterion (the maker of Burnout Paradise, just in case you didn’t know) released this very cool new update for FREE. So, Microsoft has to be the jerk in all of this and force people to pay for a Gold Membership. I, for one, will not help Microsoft rake in the cash with this sad attempt to cause Silver Membership people grief. I can either wait indefinitely while Microsoft decides they have make enough extra money or we could finally set up my husband’s dad with an Xbox Live membership which comes with a Gold Membership for free for a month. We will just see if the Davis (Bikes) update is available tomorrow… Microsoft shame on you! Criterion keep up the good work!

Kingdom Hearts II

Today, I sold my Kingdom Hearts II video game for the Playstation 2. My trend recently is to get a video game, play it, beat it, and then sell it. I looked into trading in, but you usually get so much more for the games when you sell them on Amazon. This one was an accomplishment.  I tried to get 100% completion, but missed by only 4%.  I heard that the ending was different if you achieved 100%, but I didn’t get to see that version if there was one. There were a couple activities in the game that I was just not willing to spend hours on: defeating Sephiroth and some of the mini games. I know when to call it quits and 96% was my limit. I even took some screen shots with my camera.


The game was quite good.  I hope they have a 3rd one.  I have read on GameSpot that one is in talks. Other than some boss fights that are a little ridiculous and some major button mashing in certain fights, I really enjoyed it.  If you want to keep it simple and play through the story sequence and not do any extra stuff you can get away with just that; however, if you want to submerge yourself into Kingdom Hearts – minigames, gummi upgrades, and Jiminy challenges – you can do that too. It all depends on how many hours you want to play the game.

My Dad Needs a Wii

My dad and I have a lot of memories involving late nights up playing games.

There was the time I got home at around 2:00 AM from working at my inventory job in college, only to find him playing Hexen with a friend of his via modem connection. He wasn’t doing too well that night, so I stepped in to take over. His opponent had just turned him into a chicken, so I ran to a spot I knew where I could pick-up flight via some wings. After I flew away from my poultry pursuer and scored several immediate kills, I typed in, “I bet you didn’t know chickens could fly, sucka”! My dad couldn’t stop laughing.

Other times we were up far too late playing the original Mario Kart. Work and class was usually a struggle the next morning, but it was always worth it. We eventually knew all the tracks of all the releases of Mario Kart that came out over the years.

Now, my dad has visited me and my wife a couple of times to play the latest Mario Kart Wii. He really likes that game, and who can blame him! It’s an awesome game for an awesome console. He has mentioned numerous times how badly he wants to get a Wii.

Unfortunately, he cannot see spending all that money for a gaming console. I really want to help him with this plight, so I came up with the idea to create a new website for just that purpose. is now up and running, and accepting donations. Since it’s Father’s Day, my wife and I donated the first $20, in addition to the domain name and website design/programming. I hope he likes it!

Better still, I hope it raises enough money to get him a new Wii bundle! It would be truly awesome to play some Mario Kart Wii online with him whenever we could.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad; and all the other deserving dads out there!

Half-Life 2

I finished playing Half-Life 2 this evening. Wow; it was a blast! It’s been a long wait since the original Half-Life made gaming history and I’m months behind on this release. Version 2 held up to the name and provided an even more gripping experience.

Some highlights are below.

Vehicular Zombieslaughter

Driving dune buggies and hovercrafts through treacherous territory whilst avoiding death by bullets, grenades, rockets, flaming explosive barrels and deadly neck-ties is quite fun.

Skull and Crossbows

Yes, the crossbow is back and better than ever. Perhaps my favorite weapon from the original is back in HL2 and it’s got a shocking surprise. The bolts that the crossbow launches toward your foes are charged. As before, a well-placed single shot should render the enemy…well, dead. I figure they added the electric punch to explain why a single shot to the arm kills. In addition to the charge, an enemy that is struck while near a wall perpendicular to the bolt’s trajectory will be stuck to the wall by the bolt. It’s very cool to witness; they just dangle on the wall where you shot them.

Hanging in There
I shot this guy from far below the beam that he is now firmly attached to.

Wreaking Havok with Physics

The Havok© Physics Engine makes play delightful. The added realism attributed to this physics engine is a joy to experience. There were even quite a few “puzzles” to be solved that relied on clever uses of the in-game physics. This company is now on a roll, despite the potential setbacks resulting from the HL2 source code theft that included parts of Havok. In fact, Havok is now appearing in all sorts of new games and has entered into a Strategic Licensing Agreement with Sony Entertainment. I’m betting this is all related to the upcoming Playstation© 3.

Lift without the Tuck

The Gravity Gun was something to look forward to. From the moment you play catch with “Dog” to the very end when the Gravity Gun gets a super charge, you cannot help but love to switch to this thing and just start throwing things. The coolest thing is picking up a saw blade and hurling clean through a line of zombies. Trying to make sure the blade got wedged into a wall behind them so you could reuse it was half the fun. I won’t spoil the end for those that haven’t played by letting on to it’s new “ability” at the end of the game.

This was definitely one of the more fun games I’ve played in the past few years (there have been a couple). If you don’t own a copy of Half-Life 2, go buy one; if you do own a copy, keep playing or play it again. Personally, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the Half-Life 2: Aftermath expansion pack.